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Released in Botswana in May 2014. In Dec 2014, it was released internationally under AFFLUENT ENTERTAINMENT INC (USA).

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Singer, songwriter and storyteller and all about empowering women.

By a young age, Elté had already experienced enough in her personal life and music career (with a record label in Germany), to own that she is indeed an artist of legend, an empire and a leader in the making. She isn’t shy on sharing her battles and triumphs because she lives, experiences and goes through life through her music.

Started writing at the tender age of 9 years, inspired by Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey… to later on adding in her inspirations Jennifer Hudson, Tarralyn Ramsey, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé and Tamia.

Through her music, performance and presentation it is evident that she honours those who have influenced her.

She presents to us Urban R&B, with the touch of Pop, HipHop and don’t be surprised if randomly she throws in the new genres she is drawn to.

Currently Elté is working on building and molding her brand under her entertainment company El’Rogue Entertainment.


  • 2007 : 1st Official Demo recorded 
  • 2008 : My African Dream Botswana -performed original music, 'LOVE & I'... 

  • 2008 :  A stage production,  in the minimalistic and musical genre, called 'MAVIS FOR PRESIDENT', all about women empowerment. Performed in Cape Town, South Africa as well as The 2008 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa.

  • 2012 - 2013: Signed to 211 Music / United Continental Music, a Record Label based in Germany, Spain & London. EPK was released under a different Artist Name Alias.
  • 2014: Launched as Elté, releasing 'GOTTA GO', first in Botswana and landed an Artist Development & Management Deal in the USA with 'McVaigh Artist Development & Management LLC'.
  • 2014: Elté releases & performs 'GOTTA GO' on Botswana's National TV, BTV, on the show Flava Dome.
  • 2014: ACA/Segai Awards Botswana - performs original tracks 'GOTTA GO' & 'BLESSED' along with some covers.
  •  2014: SKY Girls & Elté partnership. SKY Girls is a sisterhood of teen girls across Botswana that helps them to stay true to themselves and what they believe in. 

  • 2014: SKY Girls Fashion Show - Performance of 'GOTTA GO'
  • 2014: SKY Girls Activation @ Gamecity Mall, Gaborone, Botswana - Performance of 'GOTTA GO' & 'BLESSED' along with some covers.


  •  2014: Elté lands the lead role in a music video of Botswana and South African Artist collaboration - Dj Anthem ft. Shota & Msquared video for the song titled "I'M IN LOVE"
  • 2014: Elté goes on Botswana's biggest youth radio station, Yarona FM, as a Radio Presenter on the morning show called FlightSix210, with Phenyo Moroka; resigned in May 2015.
  • 2015: Elté performs "BLESSED" on Botswana's National TV, BTV, on the show Flava Dome.
  • 2015: Elté collaborates with Botswana's EDM Artist/DJ, German Dollar, releasing the track titled "LET ME KNOW".
  • 2017: "Battling the Divas", an Aldo Brincat Production. 3 Botswana Artists -Elté, Debbie with a T & Vivien Dakpo- take on the International Divas' power ballads.
  • 2018: St Patrick's Day Celebration Dinner, Elté performs with a production company called Summer of '69.
  • 2018: The opening of the new main branch for Capital Bank, Elté performs with a production company called Summer of '69.
  • 2019: Elté partner up with 'Journey of Hope Botswana', a registered N.G.O in Botswana, which educates people and raises awareness throughout Botswana about breast cancer and it's signs and symptoms.